Philly Homicides, 2021 Was The Deadliest Year

Philly’s Rise in Homicides Is Bad. In Many Other Cities, It’s Even Worse., NBC Philadelphia, 2 February 2022

The picture that tells the story:

Some cities have 3 or 4 homicides in a year. Philly has hundreds. Most victims were killed by a gun (83% in 2016).

Some things I learned, from City of Philadelphia Action Guide, Gun Control Policies, August 2019

Pennsylvania has fewer gun control laws and higher rates of gun death than our neighboring states of New York and New Jersey.

Pennsylvania does not require background checks for every gun sale.

Pennsylvania does not allow for the temporary removal of firearms from those who pose a risk to themselves or others, or an Extreme Risk Protection Order.

Pennsylvania does not require firearm owners to have a license.

Pennsylvania law prevents law enforcement agencies from having firearm registries.

Pennsylvania controls the right of Philadelphians to “open carry” and “concealed carry” guns.

Pennsylvania does not prohibit assault weapons.

Gun laws in Pennsylvania make it easy to buy and traffic guns.

I have been held up at gun point several times. It changes your life.

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