Chris MacAskill, Also Known As PlantChompers

I just discovered Chris MacAskill. He authors a YouTube channel called Plant Chompers, which he describes as:

Fabulously entertaining and informative stories about plant dominant diets.

I’m watching this video he did a year ago defending plant-based, low-saturated-fat diets.

Saturated Fat: Debunking Nina Teicholz and Denise Minger, Chris MacAskill/PlantChompers, 21 August 2021

Here’s a little more about him. He really is entertaining and does a fantastic job of arguing for plant-based:
YouTuber Makes Veganism Cool, Ruth Stroud

Chris MacAskill – a 68-year-old Stanford-educated geophysicist, former tech exec at NeXT (the computer company founded by Steve Jobs after he was forced out of Apple), cofounder of the popular SmugMug photo sharing site – points lens at family, nutritional experts and scientists for the answers.

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