Charles Darwin. The Dichotomy of Man.

But I am very poorly today & very stupid & hate everybody & everything. One lives only to make blunders. — I am going to write a little Book for Murray on orchids & today I hate them worse than everything so farewell & in a sweet frame of mind, I am | Ever yours | C. Darwin
Darwin Correspondence Project
To Charles Lyell, 1 October 1861

” … love for all living creatures [is] the most noble attribute of man …”
The Descent of Man, Charles Darwin, 1874

Charles Darwin photographed in 1878. Photograph: Print Collector/Getty Images. Source: The Guardian

Isn’t it great being human?

2 thoughts on “Charles Darwin. The Dichotomy of Man.

  1. Anonymous

    I think that’s an exquisite color photo for that year! Oh, I posted an excerpt from the article on insect “flour” on my FB page and everyone ignored it. I don’t understand people sometimes.



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