We Should Not Promote Insect-Eating Until We Understand Its Adverse Effects

It’s weird. Information about the possible harmful effects of eating insects is not easily had. Google, it seems, has scrubbed its top search results of anything negative about their consumption. The mainstream media is also pro-insects. Where is the science? Why not apply the precautionary principle? (“the principle that the introduction of a new product or process whose ultimate effects are disputed or unknown should be resisted”)

“Human immune system recognizes chitin [in insect exoskeletons] as a virulence factor, just like that of lethal bacteria. So, caution should be exercised while using it for food and therapeutic purposes.”
Chitin And Chitinase: Role In Pathogenicity, Allergenicity And Health, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, April 2017

It’s about money, isn’t it.

3 thoughts on “We Should Not Promote Insect-Eating Until We Understand Its Adverse Effects

    1. Bix Post author

      I think people will eat insect products. They will because the news will promote them, businesses will promote them, Bill Gates and others with deep pockets will promote them. If people get sick, it won’t be because of the insects. Can’t there even be debate? It’s exasperating.



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