We Already Know Microplastics Are Harmful, But The NYTs Wants Us To Keep Wondering

Virginia sent me this story from the New York Times. I think she knew she’d fire me up!

How Bad Are Microplastics? An Expert Weighs In., New York Times, 9 December 2022

The article was directly influenced by BigBusiness. It even feels like it was written by them and passed on. Why do I say that? Because BigBusiness’ product is doubt:

“What are the implications of this?”

“We need to understand a lot more…”

More study. Stall. Could be good, could be bad. Doubt!

In fact, we already know that plastics are harmful. There’s no doubt. There’s enough knowledge to act. But BigBusiness doesn’t want to act:

Plastics Pose Threat To Human Health, Endocrine Society, 15 December 2020

Plastics contain and leach hazardous chemicals, including endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that threaten human health. An authoritative new report, Plastics, EDCs, & Health, from the Endocrine Society and the IPEN (International Pollutants Elimination Network), presents a summary of international research on the health impacts of EDCs and describes the alarming health effects of widespread contamination from EDCs in plastics.

EDCs are chemicals that disturb the body’s hormone systems and can cause cancer, diabetes, reproductive disorders, and neurological impairments of developing fetuses and children. The report describes a wealth of evidence supporting direct cause-and-effect links between the toxic chemical additives in plastics and specific health impacts to the endocrine system.

I also think that this article emerged from the bowels of BigBusiness because it ends – not with stopping plastic production – but continuing it! With the prospect of recycling:

“Everything is recycled. Maybe that’s the ideal future we’re all working toward.”

See: Plastic Recycling Doesn’t Work And Will Never Work, The Atlantic, 30 May 2022

There is no non-polluting way to dispose of plastics. Their production pollutes the environment. Their degradation pollutes the environment. Also, less than 10% of what we think is getting recycled … isn’t.

People think what BigBusiness wants them to think even when they don’t realize it. Thus this article. Take this:

“… help us – all of us – to reduce our individual footprints”

See: The Concept Of “Personal Carbon Footprint” Was Popularized By The Oil Industry To Deflect Responsibility
Corporations Are Happy To Let Us Believe It’s About Plastic Bags, It Distracts Us From The Real Culprit Behind Environmental Catastrophe, Their Pollution And Exploitation

The answer is to stop producing plastic. No more doubt. No more shifting blame. No more hemming and hawing. I’m not surprised this article, where “an expert weighs in” appeared in the New York Times. They have prostrated themselves to industry – to the people who pay their salaries.

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