“Different Things Can Be Inseparable” – Alan Watts

I’ve often thought, and said, that you can’t have a front without a back. If you try to erase the front – scrub, scrub, scrub – until the front is gone then you no longer have a back. If somethings exists, it must embody opposing aspects. It must. I was surprised to hear this described almost exactly as I think it, by Alan Watts:

In its application to our environment, he said:

“If you describe carefully the behavior of any organism you cannot do so without at the same time describing the behavior of the environment.

The organism is not the puppet of environment, being pushed around by it, nor on the other hand is the environment the puppet of the organism.”

They are one.

4 thoughts on ““Different Things Can Be Inseparable” – Alan Watts

    1. Bix Post author

      I’ve listened to this several times. I like what he says about “conscious attention.”

      He’s an excellent teacher.


  1. Marj

    Yes, Alan Watts has much of value to say. He’s been in the background for many years and I am always pleased when what he has to say pops up again in various circumstances. This is excellent, thank you, Bix.


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