Dr. Zach Bush On Glyphosate, And Why We Should Stop Spraying It Right Now

I transcribed some parts of this interview that just blew me away.

Beginning around 19:25 Bush says that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, was originally designed as an antibiotic, not a weed killer. It was not originally patented as a weed killer, it was repatented later.

So, glyphosate is an antibiotic. It works by blocking the shikamate pathway in bacteria that, if functioning, produces folates and some amino acids. Without those, bacteria die. Plants also use this pathway and are also damaged by glyphosate’s action. Humans don’t. However, we get our essential amino acids from eating plants, or animals that ate those plants. That doesn’t mean that humans aren’t injured by glyphosate, as you’ll see in the last paragraph.

In this next part, he describes why he thinks glyphosate was not put on the market when it was discovered in 1958:

23:44 “One of the reasons I think that glyphosate was not put on the market in 1958 when it was discovered is because the Japanese inventor of that chemical recognized that that was a water-soluble toxin. You do not want to introduce a water-soluble toxin into the environment because you can never get it back. Where if you have a fat-soluble toxin it’ll actually be sequestered by mycelium in the soil, if it gets into a human or another mammal, it’ll be sequestered by fat cells so it never hits the brain, it’ll be protective. A water-soluble toxin on the other hand can’t be subtracted out of the ecosystem because everything on planet Earth including your human body is water.”

Glyphosate is now everywhere – in the air we breathe, the rain, the water we drink and put on crops. And we’re spreading 4 and a half billion pounds of this antibiotic around the world every year!

24:45 “The current statistics is that less than 1/10 of 1% of the Roundup used on the planet actually hits a weed. The other 99.99% gets into the soil and into the water system and washes off. And so we are now seeing the runoff from these farms, and in the water table itself. So we have fossil aquifers in the United States here that run from Canada all the way down to historically Mexico that is now dried up. We’ve turned over a thousand square miles of Texas into desert over the last 20 years from sucking water out of the ground. That fossil aquifer is now contaminated with Roundup that’s filtered down into this ancient freshwater source for us.”

25:29 “Then in the same moment you’ve got the Mississippi River which collects over 80% of all the Roundup in the country. And then it’s evaporating the whole time so it’s going into the air that you breathe and then it goes into the clouds and then it rains down on us. Recent studies in the air and rainfall in the southern United States is showing 75% of rain, 75% of air contaminated with Roundup. So before you even take a bite of food, you’re being hit with an antibiotic when you breathe, you’re getting hit with an antibiotic when you experience rainfall. And so you may be growing organic crops but they’re getting rained on. And so we have now locked this water-soluble toxin into our environment.”

In this next part he describes a side effect of glyphosate on the human body. This, to me, was shocking.

33:25 “The side effects of glyphosate that are outside of the shikamate pathway is direct injury to the protein structure that holds your gut lining together. This would be bad news if that was it. But it turns out that every macro membrane in your body – the blood vessels that fuel your entire body with oxygen nutrients are held together with the same tight junctions, the blood-brain barrier that protects your peripheral nervous system in your brain, same tight junctions, the kidney tubules that are held together to detox your body, same tight junctions. So what’s happened as we’ve introduced a chemical that’s directly toxic to this velcro-like protein is we turn into leaky sieves on the front-end – gut leak and nasal sinus leak and so every time we breathe, every time we eat, we’re starting to leak. Our immune system gets overwhelmed and then the blood vessels that are supposed to deliver either an immune response from peripheral or get nutrients to some distant space is also leaking and so we’re getting permeability of the blood vessels. Then you get to the blood-brain barrier this is supposed to be the Holy of Holies a peripheral nerve or the brain is supposed to be protected against everything in your blood because even glucose which is the main fuel for your brain should not get into the brain in an unregulated fashion. It will damage the nerves. And so Holy of Holies of the central and peripheral nervous system is being destroyed. And so if that’s true, if glyphosate was really damaging that, then we should see a massive explosion in neurologic injury to children and adults starting in about 1996. And that’s exactly when we see this steep increase happening in autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, neurodegenerative conditions like MS, autoimmune diseases, and all the rest.”

So, glyphosate destroys the integrity of our linings … the gut lining, nasal lining, kidney tubules, blood vessels, blood-brain barrier. Tissues and organs become leaky which turns on the immune system and leaves us in a chronic state of inflammation. No wonder Monsanto just sold itself to Bayer.

There is so much more in this interview. I’m going to read up about Dr. Bush. Here’s his website: https://zachbushmd.com/

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