Navy Just Stated Those Objects I’ve been Talking About Are Indeed Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (Old Term UFO)

You know those objects I’ve been discussing? The ones Congressman Walker wrote a letter about to the Navy asking if they are being investigated? My guess was that they were drones. I’m wrong. The Navy just came out and said they don’t know what they are, and are taking the reports “very seriously.”

Here’s one as a refresher:

There’s been a flurry of news reports on the Navy’s statement. Here’s an excerpt from Vice. The parts in bold are actual quotes from Navy spokesperson Joseph Gradisher.

The Navy Says the UFOs in Tom DeLonge’s Videos Are ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’, Vice, 17 September 2019

In official statements, the US Navy has for the first time officially stated that the three UFO videos made public by former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge’s UFO research organization are footage [which I’ve shown above] of real “unknown” objects violating American airspace.

Navy spokesperson Joseph Gradisher told Motherboard that “the Navy considers the phenomena contained/depicted in those 3 videos as unidentified.” Previously, the Navy never addressed the content of the videos.

In 2017 and 2018, three videos taken by Navy pilots from their aircraft made national news. In December 2017, The New York Times ran a story about Navy pilots who intercepted a strange object off the coast of San Diego on November 14th, 2004, and managed to shoot video of the object with their F-18’s gun camera. Another video, which we now know the date of due to Greenwald’s request for information, was taken on January 21st, 2015, shows another anomalous aerial vehicle rotating as pilots comment on how strange the object is over their communication system. Months later, DeLonge, through his organization, To the Stars Academy, released a third video showing an object quickly fly over the surface of the water. That video was also recorded on January 21st, 2015 raising speculation that the two videos shot that day show the same object.

Earlier this year, the US Navy officially changed its policy to make it easier for its personnel to report sightings of anomalous aerial vehicles due to the number of reports of “unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled training ranges and designated airspace,” Gradisher told Motherboard. “The Navy and USAF [United States Air Force] take these reports very seriously and investigate each and every report.”

The information obtained from each individual report of any suspected training range incursion will be investigated in its own right. The information obtained in these reports will be catalogued and analyzed for the purpose of identifying any hazard to our aviators,” Gradisher said. “Any report generated as a result of these investigations will, by necessity, include classified information on military operations. Therefore, no release of information to the general public is expected.

With this official statement, the Navy takes an unprecedented and dramatic shift from the US government’s long held company-line that there’s nothing to the whole UFO phenomenon. Even going back to the Air Force’s official investigations into UFOs, which ran under several different program names from 1948–1970, never before has a branch of the American military pointed to a picture or video of an object and stated—this is a true unknown or unidentified aerial object.

According to the Navy, UFOs are real, and that question is no longer up for debate. The evidence that these unidentified objects are otherworldly or extraterrestrial though is still very much the realm of speculation.

The only conclusion we can draw is that if the most advanced and powerful military on the planet bumps into objects in its own airspace that it cannot identify, everyone should be a little worried.


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And they were never meant to be released to the public.

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