PFAS “Forever Chemicals” Associated With Eye Disorders

A vitreous detachment is a condition in which a part of the eye called the vitreous shrinks and separates from the retina. Can cause eye floaters (spots or lines that float across your vision).

Incidence Of Ocular Conditions Associated With Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Exposure: Isomers Of C8 Health Project In China, Environment International, April 2020

Our findings suggest visual impairment (VI) was most significantly associated with isomers of PFOS and PFOA. Furthermore, the risk of vitreous disorder increases with long-chain PFASs exposure. To our knowledge, this is the first study to provide evidence linking PFASs with some eye diseases and hence are worthy of further exploration to substantiate the findings and to explore the mechanism of PFASs action.

Remember, other pollutants*, and there are a heap, can be broken down and flushed out via liver and kidneys. PFAS go in and stay in. No flushing, or not much. We add to our body burden every day. And every day we find another disease that has PFAS at its root.

* Take arsenic. Approximately 70% of arsenic is excreted, mainly in urine. Not true of PFAS. Arsenic’s half life is 10 hours, not 4 YEARS like PFAS.

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