Boxed Beans

My new favorite food:


  • They are fresher tasting than canned beans.
  • There is no BPA in the lining, although I don’t know how safe the polyethylene lining is.
  • I like the smaller size (13.4 ounces vs. 15 or 16 ounces for a can).
  • They don’t require an opener. (There is a tearable perforation along the top, but I’ll admit I do use scissors sometimes. Still easier than a can opener.)
  • The beans are softer.
  • They cost $1.49 per box which I don’t think is extravagant.
  • There are no other ingredients except beans. Beans, that’s it.
  • Some of the recipes on the sides of the boxes are actually worth making, like the chili below.

This recipe is on the side of the kidney bean box.

Chili made with one box of kidney beans and one box of black beans. The photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s very good! Since the beans are softer, they break apart while cooking and create a nice creamy background. Kidney beans more so than black beans, which makes the combo better than either alone.

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