Father Epiphanios Of Mount Athos

This is Father Epiphanios, center:

Source: The Divine Cuisine of Mount Athos, Greece Is, July 2016

He wrote the recipes in this book:

This is where he lives, on Mount Athos in Northern Greece. It’s a skete or monastic settlement, part of Mylopotamos, a dependency of the Great Lavra Monastery.

You can see his vineyard in the foreground above. Here’s another shot of it. The wine father Epiphanios makes from these grapes is sold all over Europe:

There are more photos of his skete here.

Here are some recipes from their website.

We’ve been making this one of his, “Vegetables In Terracotta.”

I like reading about him because he really likes food, and cooking, and talking about it.

“You have fast food, slow food and monk food,” says Father Epiphanios, only half-joking. “Good food needs time. The other day, I was watching a cooking show on television, and the presenter sautéed the onions for less than a minute. Onions need to be sautéed over time so they become sweet and golden, so they flavor the food and melt nicely.”
The Divine Cuisine of Mount Athos, Greece Is, July 2016

A Monk Shares His Love Of God, Food And Wine, Ekathimerini.com, 2016

See that top photo? From what I can tell, the meal consisted of pasta (ditalini, which I’ve been searching all over for), potatoes, bread, and olives. It might have been one of their fasting days. Very starch-based.

7 thoughts on “Father Epiphanios Of Mount Athos

    1. Bix Post author

      $900, wow, even $70 is too much for me. I read on Amazon that the book is as much a prayer book as a cookbook.

      I made “Vegetables in Terracotta” 4 or 5 times so far. I’m getting better at it. For as simple as it is, it’s actually a good recipe.



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