New Food Movie “Fed Up”

Here’s a movie poster:


And the trailer:

I think the poster is vulgar. But that makes it hip, doesn’t it. And if it’s hip, it will draw in a hip crowd, and be popular, and get noticed, and its message will propagate widely and deeply.

And that message? I’m not on-board. It bashes sugar too much, at the expense of all the other foods that are contributing to obesity, like fat.

Recall that Cubans during their Special Period in the 1990s, lost weight and lowered their rates of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, by reducing protein (protein consumption dropped 40%, “meat and dairy products all but vanished from the marketplace”), cutting fat intake by 50% (from 20% of calories to 10%), and eating 77% of their calories as carbohydrate, primarily rice and sugar.

1 thought on “New Food Movie “Fed Up”

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