Dr. Campbell Didn’t Like The New Food Movie, Fed Up

FedUpPoster3Dr. Campbell weighed in on the new food documentary, Fed Up. I am pleasantly surprised to hear someone, especially with such credentials, likewise pan it:

“This is a very reductionist idea that seriously short-changes the far more comprehensive diet and health connection.

I know of no evidence that were we to eliminate all sugar from our diets, presumably leaving the rest of the diet the same, we could rid ourselves of disease and restore our health problems.

It may come as a surprise but the evidence showing sugar to be a major factor in obesity is relatively weak. There certainly is some evidence but closer examination shows that much of this evidence may be attributed to its contribution to calories or other factors not measured.”

He also took issue with the variety of “experts” interviewed for the film:

“I have serious trouble agreeing that journalists (even those who are widely known) are ‘experts’.”

… as well as the absence of a definition for what constitutes an “expert”, and the lack of publicized qualifications:

“The consequence of not being clear about qualifications and biases is that the public mostly cannot know who speaks sense and who speaks nonsense, who speaks truthfully and who tells lies.”

He put to bed the idea, advanced in the film, that the “low-fat” diets recommended in the 1970s are responsible for our obesity problem today, because we supposedly ate less fat and replaced it with sugar … but we didn’t:

“During this period (from about 1975 to about 2000), I know of no evidence that we actually ate less fat. If anything we consumed more fat (reviewed in The China Study, page 953). Moreover, the film refers to ‘low fat’ diets as those containing about 30% of diet calories that was recommended by policy makers. This is not low fat, at least when compared to the whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet, at about 10-15% fat.”

In sum:

“This “Fed Up” film … is an abysmal failure that lures unassuming consumers to ignore the big picture while mostly maintaining the present status quo. The film’s assertions have little or no credence or potential to resolve the health crisis (poor health, high health care costs) in the U.S.”

Here’s the trailer:

Dr. Campbell recommends consumption of a whole food, plant-based diet.

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