Swapping A Meat-Burger For A Veggie-Burger May Slow Progression Of Diabetes

These aren’t tofu burgers like they used in the study. They’re veggie burgurs that I wouldn’t mind trying. Made with beans and rice. From Nora Cooks.

Sit down to a sandwich. Swap the meat for a tofu burger. See less post-meal oxidation and better blood markers:
A plant-based meal reduces postprandial oxidative and dicarbonyl stress in men with diabetes or obesity compared with an energy- and macronutrient-matched conventional meal in a randomized crossover study, Nutrition and Metabolism, 10 September 2021

In conclusion, our results indicate that the plant-based meal ameliorated the exacerbation of postprandial oxidative and dicarbonyl stress* in type 2 diabetes and obese men compared with a conventional energy- and macronutrient-matched meal, and thus can provide better protection against the development of complications associated with diabetes and obesity. Further studies are needed to verify these effects, in particular after a long-term adherence to a plant-based diet.

* Oxidative and dicarbonyl stress is a key mechanism in the development of vascular complications during the post-meal phase.

The vegan meal had the same amount of fat as the meat-based meal (22 grams!). It still showed better. (They ate a sandwich. Tofu burger vs. cooked pork with cheese. Same fat. Imagine the fat in that tofu burger.)

The study was out of the Czech Republic. The US is not a good source for diet studies anymore. They’re a good source of (profit-generating) drug studies though.

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