American Dagger Caterpillar, Pretty But Prickly

This little caterpillar was crawling on our car. I think it’s an American Dagger caterpillar which becomes an American Dagger moth:

It’s new home:

As to those black hairs sticking up from it’s body:

The American dagger moth caterpillar doesn’t sting like a wasp. The irritating hairs break off in the skin where they can cause hives, welts, or dermatitis. So, to avoid getting “stung,” you shouldn’t pick up these fuzzy yellow caterpillars.

2 thoughts on “American Dagger Caterpillar, Pretty But Prickly

  1. Marj

    It’s a beautiful caterpillar albeit not one to coddle and I’m sure he/she will enjoy the lovely home you found. Thanks for posting, I’ve always liked woolly caterpillars.


    1. Bix Post author

      It’s startling to see something so beautiful appear so out-of-place. It’s like nature is saying, “Don’t forget about me!”



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