Al Gore On Food And Climate Change: The Most Important Role That Individuals Can Play Is To Vote

‘We Really Need To Wake Up Quickly’: Al Gore Warns Of A Looming Food Crisis Caused By Climate Change, Washington Post, 22 October 2019

Q: What role must consumers play in the shift toward sustainable food systems and climate resilience?

A: There’s a danger in focusing on consumer behavior. There’s a danger of giving the impression that the solutions to the climate crisis have to be shouldered by women and men who care enough about it to change their personal choices. They do. But as important as it is to change a lightbulb, it is way more important to change policies. And in order to change policies, we have to have new policymakers. So the most important role that individuals can play is in taking their concern and passion for a better world into the voting booth and turning out in large numbers to overcome the dominance of our political system by big money.

You don’t vote with your dollar! It doesn’t work. It’s a feel-good ruse perpetrated by industry and the wealthy that keeps people placated, keeps them from voting … in the only place that makes a difference, the voting booth.

1 thought on “Al Gore On Food And Climate Change: The Most Important Role That Individuals Can Play Is To Vote

  1. Bix Post author

    If it was true that we vote with our dollars, that means that people with dollars are doing the voting, and the more dollars they have to spend, the more they influence the vote. Where does that leave people without dollars? I think everyone’s vote should count equally, whether they have dollars or not.



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