Frozen Berries are Expensive

It occurred to me to run the numbers on what it costs to eat berries every day. I’ll use blueberries as an example, since they are often on lists of superfoods. They are also cheaper than raspberries and blackberries.

12 ounces of store-brand frozen organic blueberries (the Environmental Working Group recommends buying organic for domestic blueberries) costs ~$4, 32 ounces costs ~$9. The bag says that a serving is one cup and that those 12 ounces is 2.5 servings or 4.8 ounces/serving. A family of 4, eating a serving a day, would eat 19.2 ounces/day or 134.4 ounces/week. If 32 ounces costs $9 then 134.4 ounces costs $37.80/week.

So, it would cost a family of 4, $37.80/week to eat a serving of blueberries a day.

As we saw from this post:

Americans earning a median income spend about $5,646/year, or $470/month, or $118/week on food. If there are 21 meals in a week, that’s about $5.62 per meal for the household.

A middle-income family would be spending about a third of their weekly food budget making sure everyone ate a serving of frozen berries a day. Put another way, $80.20 would be left for food for the week after buying berries, or $3.82 per meal for a family of 4, or 95 cents per person per meal … which is really low. Berries don’t have many calories so you’re left looking for calories for that 95 cents. It’s not going to be lettuce.

Also, where does a family keep 8 or 9 pounds of frozen fruit? Assuming they purchase it every week?

I think those who promote eating berries every day mean well but their message is directed towards an affluent audience, not middle America, certainly not those on the lower rungs of the wealth ladder.

4 thoughts on “Frozen Berries are Expensive

  1. Bix Post author

    By the way…
    I don’t believe in superfoods.
    I don’t believe in telling people to eat organic.
    I don’t believe you have to eat berries to be healthy.
    I was just running the numbers because it looks like people who tell people to eat berries aren’t.


  2. wellfine

    According to the “Greger’s Daily Dozen” checklist, a daily quarter cup of raisins or craisins is enough to cover your berry needs, and that can be significantly cheaper, about $10 per week, and not a terrible deal calorically.

    (To be clear, I don’t think any one specific food item is necessary for good health.)


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