Russell Brand Dissects Coca-Cola Commercial

I defend eating sugar. I don’t think it’s harmful adding a bit of sugar to tea, or cranberry sauce, or grapefruit. Spiking your oatmeal with maple syrup, your granola with honey. Eating apples, peaches, carrots, beets. I just don’t think that sugar or fructose eaten in these ways is bad. You won’t get diabetes from it. That doesn’t mean I think drinking lots of soda or pop is healthy. I don’t. It contains an unusually high and unnatural amount of sugar and not much else. It’s not where you want to get your calories.

So, just so you know I’m not in the camp of beverage makers, here’s Russell Brand skewering a Coca-Cola ad:

I love this line. I laughed … It’s true! (It’s when a Christmas-decorated Coca-Cola truck drives into town.)

That’s like tanks arriving in some sort of corporate consumer takeover.

I also like what he says about magic. More truth.

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