Journalistic Integrity: Kaput

Hank Aaron. Source: People

Hank AAron died seventeen days after receiving the Moderna COVID vaccine.


Fact Check: Hank Aaron’s Death Was Not Related to Covid-19 Vaccine

The Fulton County medical examiner has also said there was nothing to suggest that Mr. Aaron had an allergic or anaphylactic reaction related to the vaccine.


‘A Boomerang Effect’: Hank Aaron’s Death Is Falsely Linked To Covid Vaccine

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office said Monday that Aaron, considered one of the greatest all-around players in baseball history, died of natural causes.

Robert Kennedy Jr. contacted the Fulton County coroner’s office:

Candace, a medical examiner investigator for the Fulton County coroner’s office, told me, “His body was never here. We declined jurisdiction. There was never any autopsy.”

How could journalists not have received confirmation from their source before publishing? And how could they have made such a firm assertion? That the two were unrelated? No one knows if they were related or not.

This post isn’t about whether the vaccine contributed to Aaron’s death. It’s about journalists’ integrity, and lack thereof.

As I said, their is weirdness surrounding these mRNA vaccines.

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