Age-Related Muscle Loss, Sylvester Stallone

Even people who are conscientious about exercising, as I imagine Sylvester Stallone would be, experience muscle loss. Stallone was born 6 July 1946. He’s 5’10” tall.

February 2007, 60 years old

July 2011, 65 years old

1 thought on “Age-Related Muscle Loss, Sylvester Stallone

  1. Anonymous

    The lack of any fat in the hypodermis (I had to look up that term!) creates more clearly pronounced muscular definition and prominent veins/arteries, as in the 2nd photo. Gary (who used to lift weights) never had that kind of definition, and I couldn’t figure out why. He said it was because he didn’t take steroids, as many body-builders do. But sarcopenia could also cause this effect, simply from aging? As my aunt used to say, “Getting old isn’t for wussies!” Melinda



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