3 thoughts on “Short Video Summarizing Ag-Gag Laws

    1. Bix Post author

      I thought that too. And with all the new technology that records, like watches and Google Glass and little homemade drones, it’s difficult to hide.


  1. Edwina Crane

    Many industries disallow cameras and such from the company’s premises. They have a right to since they may have proprietary processes or materials that they use in the manufacture of their goods and they want to maintain an competitive edge. What about the Coca-Cola secret formula? It is common practice to prohibit the public from accessing the company’s property. Why is this law or this industry any different? True an aspect of the law may be to hide abuse but the whole food industry that deals with meat doesn’t want their work exposed to a naive public. You realize that animals are actually killed to provide meat to consumers. I think the response to the gag law is a bit too much.



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