7 thoughts on “What Does Happiness Feel Like To You?

  1. Bix Post author

    Every moment we spend in ridicule; every time we call someone a loser, an idiot, stupid, less than. We become more adept at it. Our brain becomes trained to ridicule, to mock, to disparage, to resent, to hate. That’s who we become.

    Every moment we spend in appreciation; every time we praise someone or feel their pain. Our brain becomes trained to respect, to admire, to empathize, to see beauty, to care, to cherish, to love. That’s what our brain is steeped in. That’s who we become.

    That’s something I get out of what he said.

  2. ddreyfus402

    I like his last point on boredom best right now. Many (maybe most) of us have trained ourselves to avoid boredom. We often use our phones and TVs to avoid it. As you point out in the comments, this is a trained behavior. Having recently read Cal Newport’s book, “Deep Work,” boredom is part of what we need to achieve meaningful, great work (as this monk highlights).

    1. Bix Post author

      I like what you say here. I had to go back and rewatch the video. He does say that … that it is in boredom that change occurs.

      This concept, “boredom” keeps cropping up … I liken it to “non-doing” (from the Chinese?), and something else I read recently, how patience is active rather than passive. And now your “deep work.” I could learn from all of these.

        1. ddreyfus402

          Yes! I like that. Achieving flow is something we have all experienced, but mostly we are unsure where it came from and how to achieve flow on a regular basis. According to Cal Newport’s book and your references, it takes practice and deliberateness. This is something I hope to learn how to do. It is important for my work (and my own happiness) to do so.


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