Ohio Ecological Disaster: Widespread Impact From Dioxin Dispersal

Did you know that when vinyl chloride is burned it releases dioxins? Which are forever chemicals? They will contaminate Pennsylvania and Ohio farmlands for decades.

Dr. Darren Abbey, Biologist, @thebiologistisn:

“For clarity, dioxins result whenever chlorinated organics (like vinyl chloride) are burned. Dioxins are degraded only slowly in the environment, with a half-life of 25-100 years in the soil. They cause cancers, reproductive harm, damage immune system, and mess with hormones.”

“Oh, and it bioaccumulates. So fishing/hunting/animal-agriculture over a large area will become nonfunctional. And then the impacts on wildlife.”

“This won’t be the first town that had to be abandoned due to dioxin contamination. It will likely be the largest. Yet.”

@RJBobin/Daily Mail

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