Ohio Train Derailment, Enormous Chemical Explosion

A 140-car freight train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio on 3 February. Several cars were carrying hazardous chemicals. They spilled. Authorities decided to ignite the chemicals, which included:

vinyl chloride
hydrogen chloride
butyl acrylate
ethylhexyl acrylate
ethylene glycol monobutyl ether

This is an environmental disaster. Pets and wildlife have been sickened and killed (thousands of fish in local waterways). Air, water, and soil have been contaminated. Yesterday – 11 days after the train derailed – residents were told to use bottled water. There is a plume of chemicals traveling down the Ohio River toward West Virginia. Where is Biden? Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg? FEMA? Many of these chemicals are carcinogenic and long-lived in the environment.

Environmental lawyer Steven Donziger, who represented more than 30,000 indigenous people in their case against Chevron for polluting their land, alleged that the dangerous decision to do a “controlled release” of hazardous chemicals was made in order to open the railways.”

Ohio train disaster is an eco-horror caused by corporate abuse. Norfolk Southern detonated the fireball below to “dispose” of cancer-causing chemicals because it was cheaper and the rails could open faster.

They “nuked” a small town for profit.


@RJBobin/Daily Mail

Gene J. Puskar/AP

Toxic cloud as seen from plane flying overhead:




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