A Photographer Built A Waterhole And The Animals Came

This photographer built a waterhole about 3 miles from the nearest water source in a very dry part of Kenya’s Southern Rift Valley. He then designed a hide from which to take photos.

We Built a Waterhole, Will Burrard-Lucas Photography Blog, 24 October 2022

You wouldn’t think that so much wildlife could exist in such a dry and seemingly inhospitable place.

I like his night shots:

He said:

Of course, my dream was for the lions to turn up and eventually they did. Thinking back to that experience still gets my pulse racing… I was alone with nothing but air between me and the lions. The cats were just a few meters away and seemed impossibly large from my vantage point. The lions knew I was there and held my gaze as they approached the water. Nothing compares to that connection, the feeling of vulnerability and the exhilaration.

The one below was from another nearby water source away from his built one. It was this set of photos that inspired him to build his own hole.

I guess owls are more afraid of humans than of zebra.

These are just a few of his photos. You can visit Will Burrard-Lucas’ site for more and to read about how he constructed his waterhole and hide. What a great idea!

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