KD Lang’s Ad-Libbed Performance Of Orbison’s “Crying”

I’ve been a fan of KD Lang for years. Had a couple of her albums. Just an incredible voice.

I always liked her cover of Roy Orbison’s “Crying.” I just saw this ad-lib performance of it by her, early in her career. She said:

I didn’t warm up, I haven’t sang for a long time, I’ve never rehearsed with this band, you’re putting me on the spot…

One of the commenters said:

Geoff Geoff, 5 years ago
In those days I worked in the music department of the show. As I recall the band completely ad-libbed the backing and did a masterful job. Normally the band had all the music in front of them and they and the artist had nine rehearsals. KD didn’t have any at all. Her performance was one of the most pivotal in the many years I worked on the show. She is a real star.

I mean…

4 thoughts on “KD Lang’s Ad-Libbed Performance Of Orbison’s “Crying”

  1. Anonymous

    It’s funny you posted this just now, as I had compared the two versions on m y FB page just a few days ago. Didn’t know hers was ad-libbed!



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