Time Magazine Says Napping Increases Risk For Heart Disease. God Help Us.

Taking a nap causes heart disease. That’s the message Time is leaving people with. You can’t make this stuff up.

Napping Might Be Bad For The Heart, Study Finds, Time Magazine, 27 July 2022

Napping … appears to increase the risk for cardiovascular disease in older adults, new research shows.

Right? Atherosclerosis. Arterial plaque. Clots. From a nap. What’s more likely is that heart disease slows people down and leads to napping, not the other way around.

If people have persistent trouble getting enough sleep, they should consult a health care professional.

“Getting enough sleep” is disease mongering. It sends people to their physicians for pills.

What is going on with the media? Do they want us fat and addicted to burgers and pharmaceuticals? Crazy…

3 thoughts on “Time Magazine Says Napping Increases Risk For Heart Disease. God Help Us.

  1. Melinda

    For the people who write this stuff, it’s a case of publish or parish! So they have to come up with something novel something that will catch people’s attention. It’s b*******. My phone is such a press it will not let me write out any word that begins with s h and then a vowel and ends in t!



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