Can You Think Of Ways We Are Being Indoctrinated By Media?

Source: Wikipedia

In my recent post, I talked about how we become indoctrinated when we consume media. I think people will disagree: “I’m my own person! No one tells me what to think.” I stopped watching television about 10 years ago, which is how I can see its effect, both in me and in other people. (Of course, I still consume media, but not much audio/video.) When we consume a thing, we become that thing. Until we get outside of it, we can’t see how it is affecting us.

I was thinking of examples of indoctrination. Here are a few:

People are indoctrinated to:

  • Buy things, think they need them to be happy. Ads are everywhere.
  • Take pills (sleeping pills, antidepressants, vitamins), think they have a disease i.e. “disease mongering”.
  • Do and say and eat and wear the things popular people do, for acceptance, to be cool.
  • Believe that pollutants in our blood, in the environment, are inescapable, and aren’t that harmful.
  • Believe that science can’t be bought, or the government can’t be bought, or _____ can’t be bought.
  • Be angry about ____.
  • Be afraid of ____.
  • And, of course, believe, even a little bit, that the “news” and the media are honest, independent, without bias.

Any more?

Media Is certainly useful. It is sometimes honest. But when? Can we tell?

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