Earth Photo, The International Photography Competition, 2022 Shortlist

Earth Photo Short List, 2022

Earth Photo, the international photography competition, has announced its 2022 shortlist. Created by Forestry England and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), Earth Photo celebrates photographs and videos that tell stories about the planet, its inhabitants and its future. The exhibition is open at the Royal Geographical Society in London from now until 26 August 2022

Two that had an impact on me:

Martin Bernetti, Fast Fashion Contamination
2021, Chile. The dangerously high environmental cost of fast fashion is impossible to ignore in this image. It shows at least 39,000 tonnes of discarded clothes dumped in Chile’s Atacama desert, equal in weight to about 85,000 grand pianos. Category: A Climate of Change

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, Climate Crisis
2021, Satkhira, Bangladesh. Motiar Rahman Gazi, 60, says: ‘We are left with one bucket of rice and some vegetables for our 21 family members. Since the virus hit, we are no longer allowed to go fishing … There is little drinkable water left in the area and now the devastation of this pandemic is going to kill us with the scarcity of food. Our children are hungry all the time. When again will we be able to eat a proper meal? We do not have any idea. Scientists forecast that seawater will drown the whole coastal belt of Bangladesh around the Sundarbans by 2050. Category: People

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