PFAS “Forever Chemicals” Found To Raise Women’s Blood Pressure

Nonstick pans contain PFAS. but they are the least of our worries. If someone is citing the pans (and crazy-of-crazy saying they are still safe to use), you know they don’t understand the breadth of the PFAS problem.

Per- And Polyfluoroalkyl Substances [PFAS] And Incident Hypertension In Multi-Racial/Ethnic Women: The Study Of Women’s Health Across The Nation, Hypertension, 13 June 2022

Conclusions: Several PFAS showed positive associations with incident hypertension. These findings suggest that PFAS might be an underappreciated contributing factor to women’s cardiovascular disease risk.

In the news:
‘Forever Chemicals’ May Raise a Woman’s Blood Pressure, USNews, 13 June 2022

“Obesity, stress and smoking are well-known risk factors for high blood pressure, and PFAS may be as important as or even more important than these factors because PFAS are widespread, and almost all people are exposed to PFAS,” said study author Sung Kyun Park. He is an associate professor of epidemiology and environmental health sciences at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health.

This bit below drives me crazy. Whenever someone is talking about non-stick cookware, I know they have no idea what we are up against. PFAS are in the water, all water: tap, spring, bottled, well. In food, food packaging, in the soil food is grown in, in the flesh of animals we eat, in the air we breathe, in clothes, dental floss, all manner of shampoos, soaps, conditioners, lipsticks and other cosmetics. There are literally thousands of PFAS chemicals! To address just one source – and say that by limiting that source you can lower your exposure – is crazy.

“We have to think about alternatives to PFAS,” Goldberg* said. Nonstick cookware is convenient, but the coating on these pans can break down at high heat, she explained. ”Even though it is harder to clean, stainless steel or ceramic cookware can help lower exposure.”

*Dr. Nieca Goldberg is an American Heart Association spokesperson, the medical director of Atria New York City, and a clinical associate professor of medicine at New York University Grossman School of Medicine. She was not part of the study, but reviewed the findings.

It has nothing to do with heat.

And this. She said this! There is no labeling!** You can’t “read the labels carefully” if it’s not listed! This Dr. Goldberg is so out of touch. And she’s the AHA spokesperson!

You should also read the labels carefully when choosing personal care products and pick ones that are PFAS-free, she suggested.

** Fluorinated Compounds in North American Cosmetics, Ecotoxicology and Public Health, 15 June 2021

The ingredient lists of most products tested did not disclose the presence of fluorinated compounds exposing a gap in U.S. and Canadian labeling laws.”

How can me, a nobody, know this but she, a somebody, not?

2 thoughts on “PFAS “Forever Chemicals” Found To Raise Women’s Blood Pressure

  1. Bix Post author

    An exercise… Let me take a can/box of beans:

    – The soil that the beans were grown in likely contained PFAS, especially if it was fertilized with biosolids (sewage sludge), which organic crops tend to be.
    – The rain that falls on the plant contains PFAS.
    – The water used to irrigate contains PFAS.
    – The irrigation hoses contain PFAS.
    – So the beans themselves are likely a source of PFAS.
    – The water used to wash the beans post-harvest contains PFAS.
    – The packages used to transport the beans may contain PFAS.
    – The water used to cook the beans contains PFAS.
    – The can or box lining may contain PFAS.

    Even before the beans touch the surface of a nonstick pan they are likely contaminated with PFAS.



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