The Mainstream (e.g. Washington Post) Is Starting To Notice PFAS “Forever Chemicals”

The Washington Post skims the surface with this article, but at least they addressed it!

The Dangers Of PFAS, Often Called ‘Forever Chemicals’, Washington Post, 23 May 2022

See the spinach in this photo? It’s organic. And it had to be thrown away because it was contaminated with PFAS – from the “biosolids” that were used to fertilize it. Biosolids is a euphemism for sewage sludge. Organic crops often use biosolids/sewage sludge as a replacement for the synthetic fertilizers they are prevented from using.

I like how they explained the movement of PFAS (which number in the thousands of chemicals) throughout the environment. We’re throwing all the contaminated stuff away, right? Burning it. Putting it in landfills. But because PFAS doesn’t break down it just gets redeposited into our air, water, food. And over, and over. And it just accumulates. Especially inside our bodies. Where it’s making us sick.

Growing research has also shown that health risks can occur even at very low levels.

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