Do Brita Filters Remove PFAS? Real World Testing Data Says No

I do not know the provenance of this blog; nonetheless, it’s a great resource for information on water:
Pure Water Blog

This is what they say about Brita filters and PFAS:

If you’re wondering if your Brita filter can remove PFAS from your tap water, the answer is no. While activated carbon in a Brita pitcher can remove some of these contaminants from drinking water, it does not reduce their concentration to drinking water standards. Brita filters are not designed to treat PFAS and should NOT be used for this purpose.
Do Brita Filters Remove PFAS – Real World Testing Data


PFAS aren’t known as “forever chemicals” for no reason. They aren’t metabolized (broken down) by the body.* They don’t get flushed out (like, say, lead). Every gulp you take adds to your body’s burden of these chemicals. Older people naturally have higher concentrations in their blood.

* PFAS will degrade over time. Their half life is 2 to 4 years, depending on the chemical. But a decline in blood levels assumes there will be no more exposure, which is, now, given our environment, impossible.

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