Just Out: Metformin Causes Birth Defects

This is shocking. It came out last Tuesday:

Preconception Antidiabetic Drugs In Men And Birth Defects In Offspring, Annals of Internal Medicine, 29 March 2022

Among metformin-exposed offspring, genital birth defects, all in boys, were more common, while the proportion of male offspring was lower.

Conclusion: Preconception paternal metformin treatment is associated with major birth defects, particularly genital birth defects in boys.


Hypospadias, when the urethra does not exit from the tip of the penis.

Tens of millions of people worldwide take metformin. It’s been around for decades. It is the number one, most widely used oral med for diabetes, and one of the top-selling drugs all around. Wikipedia: “In 2019, it was the fourth-most commonly prescribed medication in the United States, with more than 85 million prescriptions written for over 17 million patients.” And it has been experiencing lots of off-label uses, e.g. weight control. I mean, damn. This is a tragedy.

Pharmaceutical companies have already started spinning this. Of course they are.

Did you know metformin also reduces testosterone levels?

Conclusions: In men with type 2 diabetes, 1-month oral metformin may decrease serum testosterone levels independent of blood glucose control.
Rapid Changes In Serum Testosterone In Men With Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes With Intensive Insulin And Metformin, Diabetes Care, April 2021

I wonder how much of it is in the water: Drugs In Tap Water

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