Pollen And The Urge To Pee (Histamine-Induced Bladder Sensitization)

Welcome to Spring! And pollen and histamines and the urge to go. Pee that is.

New Direct Evidence That Histamine Augments Bladder Sensory Outflow During Filling Is Nothing To Sneeze At, Renal Physiology, 5 February 2020

Most surprising and exciting was their discovery that a significant amount of nerve fibers initially identified as “silent” (unresponsive to distention) became mechanosensitive after exposure to histamine (3). Importantly, histamine also enhanced activation of sensory nerve cell bodies within the dorsal root ganglia, which strongly suggests that these changes in sensory nerve activity in the bladder alter central sensation of fullness.

Your bladder isn’t full. But the nerves in your bladder, exposed to histamine, say … full!

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