A Story About The Dinosaurs-With-Feathers. And How We’re Losing Them.

Birds Are Remarkable And Beautiful Animals – And They’re Disappearing From Our World, Kim Heacox, The Guardian, 28 January 2022
In the past half century, North America has lost a fourth of its birds. Earth is now a coalmine, and every wild bird is a canary.

This past autumn, wildlife officials announced that a bird, a male bar-tailed godwit, flew nonstop across the Pacific Ocean 8,100 miles from Alaska to Australia in just under 10 days. … But of course godwits have been doing this for centuries. Come next April-May, all things well, determined godwits will make the trip in reverse, bound for Alaska to nest and raise their young.

“Pay attention. Be astounded. Tell about it.”
– Mary Oliver

“The circus is not the greatest show on Earth. Nature is.”
– Kim Heacox

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