Major French Study Finds Over 99% Glyphosate Contamination In General Population

Glyphosate herbicide being sprayed on crops. Source: EcoWatch. Glyphosate Detected in Granola and Crackers, FDA Emails Show

I say this a lot, I know. Here, let me say it again … supporting two systems of agriculture – conventional and organic – will backfire because the chemicals used in conventional, the lion’s share of crops, will find a way into everyone’s bloodstream. And, as you know, because the Endocrine Society has said, these chemicals cause abnormalities at “even infinitesimally low levels.”

Major French Study Finds Over 99% Glyphosate Contamination In General Population, Sustainable Pulse, 13 Janaury 2022

In one of the largest studies on glyphosate contamination in a human population, the world’s most used weedkiller was found in over 99% of the general public in France, with a total of over 6,800 urine samples having been tested.

The study, published Wednesday in Environmental Science and Pollution Research, a top peer-reviewed scientific journal, was carried out on 6,848 people, living in 83 municipalities in France.

These volunteers were recruited via the “Glyphosate Campaign” association, which has launched a legal campaign against the weedkiller classified as a “probable human carcinogen” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

Levels were also higher in men and children, people who regularly consume tap or spring water, smokers and drinkers of beer or juice.

They added that its size makes the analysis relevant, especially as “our results confirm almost all other international studies”, while being “rather in the upper part” of the levels found, notes Denis Lairon, director of research emeritus at INSERM and one of the authors. However, he said he was “surprised to see an almost systematic contamination”.

As an endocrine disruptor, glyphosate causes abnormalities in the body at much lower doses than that which would cause cancer.

Our bodies are contaminated with PFAS, BPA, phthalates, PCBs, dioxins, DDT, glyphosate and hundreds more. Each one of these is studied separately (actually, most aren’t studied at all) and limits emerge from that research. But what happens when you put all these toxins together in one body? What’s the cumulative effect? No one knows. We are a living experiment.

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