Global Spread Of Autoimmune Disease Blamed On Western Diet

Global Spread Of Autoimmune Disease Blamed On Western Diet, The Guardian, 9 January, 2022

Right up front they pinpoint the cause, and then…

There is not a lot we can do to halt the global spread of fast-food franchises.

They give up before they even try. Why? Because they want to sell expensive gene therapy to people who can afford it.

Update: My two cents…

I don’t think the rise in autoimmune diseases is so much a result of fast food as it is the chemicals in that food. People have always eaten too much fried/roasted/BBQ meats, too much dirty food, food with bacteria/viruses, too much carbohydrate (at the expense of other foods like fruits&veg). All the opportunistic diets humans have survived on for thousands of years never resulted in this level of autoimmune disease. This rise has been in the last century and coincides with the industrial revolution and its chemical pollution.

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