Diet For A New Year

If you’re looking for a diet for the new year, low-fat looks like a good choice. This study backs it up:

Obesity Energetics: Body Weight Regulation And The Effects Of Diet Composition, Gastroenterology, February 2017

Weight changes are accompanied by imbalances between calorie intake and expenditure. This fact is often misinterpreted to suggest that obesity is caused by gluttony and sloth and can be treated by simply advising people to eat less and move more. Rather various components of energy balance are dynamically interrelated and weight loss is resisted by counterbalancing physiological processes.

While low-carbohydrate diets have been suggested to partially subvert these processes by increasing energy expenditure and promoting fat loss, our meta-analysis of 32 controlled feeding studies with isocaloric substitution of carbohydrate for fat found that both energy expenditure (26 kcal/d; P <.0001) and fat loss (16 g/d; P <.0001) were greater with lower fat diets.

A low-fat diet beats a low-carb diet. That’s what it says.

Here are some examples. They all ate a low-fat, starch-based diet. They lost weight and regained health. Many more at Star McDougallers.




I know this sounds like an advertisement for McDougall. I don’t mean it to be. I’m not getting any compensation for it. I just think that his starch-based take makes sense. It’s low-fat, plant-based, and doesn’t require any special, expensive foods. You don’t have to read a book or take a class. I mean, you could eat oatmeal, potatoes, pasta, and vegetables and do his diet.

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