1 In 5 People With High Blood Pressure Are Prescribed Drugs That Increase Blood Pressure

Here were are doing everything we can to manage our blood pressure (SAWS: Salt, Alcohol, Weight, Smoke). Because high blood pressure is the number 1 controllable risk factor for stroke.

People say … “What’s a drink or two, a few cigarettes, some salty cured charcuterie. Leave me alone. So I die a few years sooner. I’ll be happy.” Let me tell you, happiness is not living for years with a brain and body ravaged by stroke. It’s a very high price to pay.

Looks like I’ll be adding another letter to my anti-hypertension acronym: D for Drugs. (SAWSD? SWADS? WADSS?)

Prevalence of Medications That May Raise Blood Pressure Among Adults With Hypertension in the United States, JAMA Internal Medicine, 22 November 2021

1 In 5 People With Hypertension Take Drugs That Increase Blood Pressure, Medical News Today (MNT), 25 November 2021

The most commonly prescribed medications that cause a rise in blood pressure are antidepressants, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, and estrogen.

Dr. Anderson told MNT: “It certainly is a higher proportion than I might have guessed starting out, though we see this scenario often in our primary care clinics. We also anticipate this is an understatement, as our study does not include over-the-counter [(OTC)] medications that were not prescribed, and many [OTC] medications, including anti-inflammatories and decongestants, may raise blood pressure.”

Even OTC meds like Advil, Motrin, Aleve, Sudafed raise blood pressure.

The medical industry is more concerned about making money than about keeping people healthy.

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