Of The $50 Billion EPA Received From Infrastructure Act, $10 Billion Is For PFAS Clean-Up Alone

If PFAS was not a problem, why the money? Why the urgency?
Infrastructure Law Gears $10 Billion To Fight PFAS In Water, Bloomberg Law, 3 December 2021

This $50 billion investment also includes $10 billion to address perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water. The infrastructure law is just one part of the Biden administration’s push for the federal government to address PFAS contamination.

Businesses should be prepared for the implications and risks associated with the EPA broadening and accelerating the cleanup of PFAS.

The infrastructure law represents a historic investment in remediating drinking water contaminated with PFAS and should signal to businesses that the Biden administration has made these emerging contaminants a top priority.

“these emerging contaminants” … Four decades of dumping and of EPA looking the other way constitutes an emergence? I guess they have to say that; it makes it look like they’re on it.

So, we’re injesting hazardous substances. But that’s OK. Businesses have to stay competitive!

These actions include … a proposal to designate certain PFAS as hazardous substances.

There are close to 5000 PFAS substances. EPA will only be looking at 29 of them.

Brings back memories of those DDT insecticide clouds. At least you could escape them:

Source: DDT Linked to Fourfold Increase in Breast Cancer Risk, National Geographic, 16 June 2015

That is, if you knew they were dangerous:

PFAS contamination isn’t only about our drinking water; it’s about the plants and animals that swim in and bathe in and drink that water too. It is contributing to reduction of diversity and species extinction. Why don’t humans care?

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