Having A Pet Is A Long-Term, High-Investment Undertaking

You can purchase this cage on Amazon for $600. You can see from the other photos that a dog this size can barely stand without hitting the bars. Marketed with “a grate at the bottom for easy cleanup.” To me this is abusive.

Owners Offload Dogs Bought In Lockdown By Pretending They Are Strays, The Guardian, 23 October 2021

Charities have reported a growing trend of people abandoning their pandemic pets as they no longer have as much time for them.

A lot of people failed to think through buying a lockdown puppy and are now struggling to keep up financially or experiencing behavioural problems due to a lack of training and socialisation.

I knew this would happen. This is why I no longer believe in having pets. Would we adopt a child only to abandon it when it becomes too expensive? Requires too much “work”? You don’t put a child in a cage. Or chain them. You don’t leave a child alone in the house for hours while you work or shop. You let a child play with other children, groom them, teach them, feed them well. When you own a pet, you prepare for high medical bills, high boarding bills. You hire someone to walk and exercise them if you can not or will not. Having a pet is a long-term, high-investment undertaking.

Was this a pandemic puppy that became too much work?

5 thoughts on “Having A Pet Is A Long-Term, High-Investment Undertaking

  1. Marj

    Oh, how I loved the video, such a sweet little puppy and hopefully now with a happy home all his/her own. It’s so sad so many are not so lucky.


  2. forumholitorium

    I too no longer believe in having pets in the city at least. Are you familiar with John Berger’s essay Why Look at Animals? I read that years ago and it got me thinking. On a similar note, I also find the widespread practice of putting pets to sleep “when their time has come” ethically problematic.


    1. Bix Post author

      Berger … I will look him up.

      People change. I have changed to become someone who cannot bear to see a life tethered. Zoos, aquariums, factory farms, pets. They are all the same.

      Life! Beautiful life! Let it go!


  3. Bix Post author

    Just read this piece in the Guardian about Berger’s book:
    Why Look at Animals? by John Berger

    I really connect with this:

    “… the theme is the marginalisation of animals. The title essay (1977) explores the ancient relationship between animals and humankind: an “unspeaking companionship”. But today the caged creatures in zoos have become “the living monument to their own disappearance” from culture.

    In all these pieces, what concerns Berger is the loss of a meaningful connection to nature, a connection that can now only be rediscovered through the experience of beauty: “the aesthetic moment offers hope.” “



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