What Happens To Your Body When You Cut Back On Salt?

One thing that happens when you cut back on salt … you lose the water associated with that salt. Water that causes bloating, that raises blood pressure. Photo source: Mayo Clinic

I was going to write this up but I saw someone already did it so for the sake of expedience (because we’re all probably eating too much salt and could benefit, like, now), here…

When You Stop Eating Salt, This Is What Really Happens To Your Body, Cat Lafuente, The List, Updated October 2020

When you stop eating salt:

Your blood pressure drops
Your kidneys function better
Your risk of kidney stones drops
You’ll feel less bloated
You’ll feel more energetic
Your palate will change (you’ll stop craving salt)
You’ll be less thirsty
You’ll get fewer headaches
You’ll have a decreased risk of stroke and heart attack
Your chances of getting stomach cancer decrease
Your mortality risk decreases all around
You might lose weight
You won’t use the bathroom as much
Your bones will thank you

She backs up with references.

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