I Haven’t Done A Bean Post In A While, So…

Eat beans.

I’m a vegan. I happen to think the question vegans get asked a lot, “Where do you get your protein?” is a fair one. Vegans should pay attention to protein, because, let’s face it, bananas and broccoli don’t cut it. So, I eat beans. Every day of my life. Beans. Whether I like it or not. And I don’t eat three chick peas on a salad or some thin lentil soup and call it a day. I try to get some at every meal, even if that means beans blended into a fruit smoothie or just a plain bowl-a-beans (navy beans are good for that).

Not much I eat is devoid of beans. Pasta? Throw some beans in there. Rice? And beans. Hummus when it’s in the fridge. No such thing as soup without beans. Peanut butter counts as beans. So do frozen peas. Canned beans get short shrift – my pantry is stocked.

This morning’s adzuki beans:

2 thoughts on “I Haven’t Done A Bean Post In A While, So…

  1. Marj

    Right on, Bix!! Love this post and love beans too . . . hadn’t thought of peanut butter as “beans” but that’s always handy here so that’s all to the good.



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