Big Tech Censorship

I follow @AlexBerenson on Twitter. He was just temporarily banned for the second time. The third time will likely see his account suspended:

As this person’s account was:

These two people write about the virus and the vaccines. They’re smart. They source their claims. I’ve learned a lot. But their messages don’t line up with Biden’s message and the CDC’s message (e.g. that breakthrough cases are rare, that the vaccine-related deaths and injuries on the CDC’s official adverse effects tracking site, VAERS, are primarily coincidence).

Both are now on Substack:

I also follow Dr. Robert Malone @RWMaloneMD, the inventor of mRNA vaccines (how much more pro-vaccine can you get!). But he talks about mRNA vaccine side effects. His account on LinkedIn, an account he pays for, was also suspended, although reinstated after he appealed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him suspended from Twitter.

I don’t agree with or even understand everything these people say. But I see no reason to deplatform them. Big Tech is being selective. I’ve seen racist, misogynist, ageist tweets go unflagged; outright lying (notably our former President) go unflagged. If Big Tech is now asserting itself as the arbiter of truth, shouldn’t they be doing it across the board? It’s a shame, but they are private companies and they can do as they wish.

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