5 thoughts on “Hand-Feeding Mourning Dove And Downy Woodpecker, In Slow Motion

    1. Bix Post author

      How does that dove swallow those nuts whole, one after another. I would get such indigestion!

      When birds are slowed down, they look like they’re moving normally, in our speed. To them, humans must be moving in slow-motion all the time.


  1. Randy

    Readers might also N’joy some of the story behind how woodpeckers “do what they do”.

    Ever wonder about the pause pattern woodpeckers use in “short-burst strike” w/break-time in between?

    This is letting the brain cool before the head banging hikes up the heat. Besides “spearing” the woodpecker’s tongue serves a dual vibro-acoustic function– listening to track/pinpoint insects inside the bore & monitoring (intero-ceptively) this brain-heat. It’s all in the Herbst corpuscle, uniquely uncovered in birds, distinct as a sensory nerve ending w/vibration-sensitive cells to registers emf pulses.

    Found in both skull areas & in the LEGS & FEET, it invariably traces to the dorsal root ganglia as well as nerve fibers of the sciatic nerve.

    Specifics? See: https://www.academia.edu/44800797/WoodPecker_Tensegrity_Reveals_Surprising_Targeted_VibroAcoustics_by_R_Eady_KR_Therapeutics


  2. forumholitorium

    I was so relieved when the downy woodpecker finally worked up the courage to eat the first seed. Woodpeckers are truly weird – a woodpecker’s tongue is so long that it wraps around the skull!



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