Another Study: Vegans Have Better Insulin Sensitivity (Than Both Vegetarians And Omnivores)

Vegan Pizza from Joe’s Pizza In Philadelphia, from this article: Vegan Cheese Has Come to Mainstream Pizza, and We’re Not Mad About It

Curious what new work had been done on this (Vegans Have Lower Fasting Glucose, Better Insulin Sensitivity … Compared To Matched Omnivores, I found:

Vegetarians Have A Lower Fasting Insulin Level And Higher Insulin Sensitivity Than Matched Omnivores: A Cross-Sectional Study, Nutrition, Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Diseases, February 2019

This study had three groups, vegetarian (ate eggs and cheese), vegan (no eggs, cheese, or other animal food), and omnivores (ate animal food). It found that insulin resistance was lower (good) in vegetarians and vegans compared to omnivores. However, the association for vegetarians was no longer significant when they adjusted for confounders (BMI, visceral fat area, physical activity, sedentary time, income, alcohol consumption, and daily dietary intakes of macronutrients).

Vegetarian doesn’t do it. You have to drop the eggs and cheese.

Anecdotally, I saw some of the highest cholesterol levels in people who called themselves vegetarian. It seems vegetarians end up eating more eggs, cheese, and other dairy foods almost as a replacement for meat. Maybe because they think they need protein? Unfortunately, dairy food is one of the highest sources of saturated fat in the human diet.

4 thoughts on “Another Study: Vegans Have Better Insulin Sensitivity (Than Both Vegetarians And Omnivores)

  1. forumholitorium

    Do you mean vegan pizza as in “pizza with a cheese substitute,” i.e. pizza by definition includes cheese? I’ve never had that because I am scared of cheese substitutes, which must be highly processed. But vegan pizza can be as simple as making pizza dough and topping it with a variety of vegetables and olives. I do that all the time.


    1. Bix Post author

      Yes, I was thinking a vegan cheese. It had been years since I saw what was on the market and thought I’d check. I did, this Tuesday. Welp, you’re right. I can’t go there.

      I used to make pizzas on pita bread. I think I’ll revisit them. Maybe sliced mushrooms in place of cheese?


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