COVID-19 Is Now The Third Leading Cause Of Death In The US

COVID is now the third leading cause of death in the US, except for a spike in April when it was the leading cause of death, beating out heart disease and cancer.

The top 10 leading causes of death in the US in 2018, the latest year for which data is available were:

Heart disease (655,381)
Cancer (599,274)
Unintentional injury (167,127)
Chronic lower respiratory disease (159,486)
Stroke (147,810)
Alzheimer’s disease (122,019)
Diabetes (84,946)
Flu and pneumonia (59,120) (34,000 for flu alone 2018-2019 season)
Nephritis (51,386)
Suicide (48,344)

(the CDC succumbs to industry pressure by not listing medical errors, which rank among the top three causes, if not the top cause.)

As of this writing there were 212,789 deaths attributed to Covid-19 in the US this year, placing COVID-19 firmly in the third position.

The flu killed 34,000 people last year. That figure is inflated because not everyone who dies of flu has indeed been tested for influenza. Covid-19 has killed over 212,000 people so far this year. (That figure fails to account for people with medical conditions who die because hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID-19.) And the year isn’t up. So, Covid-19 is considerably worse than flu.

On 21 September, the President said about COVID-19, “It affects virtually nobody.” As of this writing, there have been over 7.6 million Americans who tested positive for COVID-19.

On 8 October, the President said, “When you catch it, you get better. … That’s what happens, you get better.” As you can see, 212,789 people did not get better. They died.

The President seems delusional.

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