Esther Lost 130 Pounds Eating Starch

Esther weighed 257 pounds in July 2016. She now weighs 127 pounds (July 2020). She credits her weight loss and improved health to the McDougall Diet. (The diet is starch-based, no animal foods, no dairy, no oils). Ester turns 75 in October.

Esther’s husband “I could never eat like you” Ben, gave up eating animals, dairy, and oil over a 12-month period and dropped from 220 to 160 pounds.

How Ester eats on a cruise:

We love to take cruises and I learned that I could have steel cut oatmeal (yes, I did have to ask for it) and fresh fruit for breakfast, a big salad with balsamic vinegar for lunch. … Most of the time [for dinner] I just asked for a salad, a sweet potato, a side of broccoli and a cup of fresh berries for dessert.

The McDougall Diet is based on starches: oatmeal, pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, rice, corn, peas, beans, squashes and pumpkins. Add fruits and vegetables to that and you’re done.

Ester’s Story

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