Egg-Based Coating Being Studied For Use On Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Egg-based Coating Preserves Fresh Produce, Eurekalert, 4 June 2020

The coating is all-natural and washes off with water.

If anyone is sensitive to the coating or has an egg allergy, they can easily eliminate it.

“If anyone is sensitive to the coating” it can be washed off. How cavalier!

Vegans are sensitive to the coating for reasons other than health or allergies or taste. Can the inhumane treatment of hens that produced those eggs be washed off? Can the industrialized farming of animals that is depleting our resources and damaging our environment be washed off? The act of rejecting eggs and other animal products is rooted in reducing support for these practices.

If there are “lots of eggs wasted,” one answer is to reduce that waste in the first place. You can do that by producing fewer eggs.

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