Navy Pilot, David Fravor, Speaks About His Experience With The Tic Tac

Below is an interview with the pilot who engaged with the UFO/UAP known as the Tic Tac. It was the incident that got me started asking “What is this?” I first saw it in this New York Times’ article a few months ago (the incident itself occurred in 2004):

2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’, New York Times, 16 December 2017

It’s a new interview, posted two days ago on Joe Rogan’s podcast site. I find the pilot, Fravor, credible, which makes his account fascinating. Remember, the Navy just came out and said officially that they don’t know what this Tic Tac is, calling it an “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon” or UAP (UAP is the Navy’s new name for UFO). That’s after 15 years of studying it! They also said that the Tic Tac video was not approved for release to the public.

It’s 2 hours long. I haven’t watched it all yet but I’ll throw it up here in case anyone else is interested.


1.  The Pentagon said that they researched UFOs/UAPs through a program called AATIP. Fravor divulged that AATIP was exempt from FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) requests.

2.  Here’s a video of the fleet of crafts that the Mexican Air Force encountered a few months before Fravor encountered his Tic Tacs. Similar ships, same location, Fravor said:
Mexico pilots release ‘UFO film’, BBC, 2004

3.  Fravor told a story that a fellow pilot relayed to him about an odd submerged object. I was going to write it up but saw that Kyle Mizokami had done it already, in this article:
The Weird History Of Unidentified Submerged Objects, Popular Mechanics, 9 October 2019

According to Fravor, the eyewitness was a former pilot of the MH-53E Sea Dragon [this is a heavy-lift helicopter] … based at Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, on the island of Puerto Rico. Twice while recovering spent practice munitions out of the water, the pilot spotted a weird underwater object.

In the first incident, the pilot saw a “dark mass” underwater as he and his team retrieved a flying practice drone. The pilot described the object as a “big” mass, “kinda circular,” and he was certain it wasn’t a submarine. In the pilot’s second sighting, a practice torpedo that the pilot was sent to recover was “sucked down” into the depths of the ocean in the presence of a similar underwater object. The torpedo was never seen again.

Fravor’s account is more detailed (e.g. the guy being lowered into the water screams to be pulled up when he sees it). How this links to Fravor’s Tic Tac experience:

The only reason [Fravor] had seen the now-infamous “Tic Tac” UFO was because it was hovering above a mysterious larger object that was sighted underwater. Fravor describes the object as cross shaped and approximately the size of a Boeing 737 jetliner. He has further described the water above it as though it were “boiling” or “frothing,” and said the object disappeared after it caught his attention.

These are professional pilots and trained observers. I’m curious … What are these things? Why can’t the Navy or the Air Force make at least an educated guess?

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